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Founded in 1976 by 18 industry leaders who sought to create an organization where manufacturers and distributors of construction/industrial products could interface.  In the past 35 years, STAFDA has grown from the initial 18 founding members to 2,500+ member companies. Membership is comprised of 1,052 distributors, 1,130 associates, 22 publishing affiliates, and 305 manufacturer rep/agents.


ISA’s mission is to help all members increase sales, decrease expenses, and increase profitability.  The Industrial Supply Association is the leading trade association for the maintenance, repair, operations and production (MROP) supply channel. ISA is the premier source of education, networking, information and relationships that drives success for members and their customers in the Industrial MROP marketplace.


Women Industrial Supply Executives is an exclusive networking group within the Industrial Supply Association (ISA) comprised of accomplished, recognized and high-performing women.  Membership is by nomination or invitation only. The purpose of the W.I.S.E. Special Interest Group is to build a network of industry professionals who will share and learn from each other, improve their professional management and leadership skills and positively influence the industrial supply industry.

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The Industrial Manufacturer’s Representative Special Interest Group has the responsibility for building and monitoring the service package of programs developed to fit the informational, educational and networking needs of IMRs. Its efforts increase the professionalism of industrial representatives individually and as a group. It is responsible for all activities associated with IMR member retention and recruitment.


The Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer (CMTSE) Program is the only nationally recognized program that acknowledges individuals who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively as machine tool application consultants.  CMTSE is a symbol of machine tool sales professionalism and individuals who are at the pinnacle of their industry.


The Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives (CPMR)  designation identifies independent manufacturers representatives that exemplify the highest standard within the sales profession. The CPMR organization ensures improved independent manufacturers representatives.