Surpless, Dunn & Co., Inc. History

Since 1889 the employees of Surpless, Dunn & Co., Inc. have been building brands and growing revenues of leading manufacturers.

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New York, 1889

Surpless, Dunn & Co., Inc. was established in March 1889, with the first office set up in lower Manhattan, 74-76 Murray Street, New York, NY.  Western Block Co., manufacturers of Tackle Blocks and Sheaves, was one of the first manufacturers represented with the relationship lasting through the mid 1970's.  Oliver Surpless, President of Surpless, Dunn & Co. tenure lasted through the mid 1940’s, which began the family saga as one of the oldest and longest, family-owned establishments in the country.  

Chicago, 1901

In the early 1900’s, the Midwest began developing and becoming a growing region for business.  Chicago became Surpless, Dunn’s first Midwest location, with shop set up in the Merchandise Mart area, the center of Chicago's growth.  James Surpless (2nd generation) led the move and managed the office until the mid 1940’s.  We are proud to continue representing one of his favorite lines today, a 100+ year partnership with continued growth.    

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Chicago, 1910

James Surpless (2nd generation, left) and Oliver Surpless (Founder, right) departing the Atlantic City train station.  It was a way of life leaving home and family for a month at a time, traveling by train from town to town, and conducting business on trains or in stations for customers located in faraway territories.  Orders were placed when the nearest phone was reached.  

Chicago, 1932

J.L. Surpless Jr. (3rd generation) worked in the industry before joining the family business and was named Sales Manager for Modern Grinder Manufacturing.  After managing Modern Grinder's sales in the Midwest for 2 years, he was made Manager for the entire country.  In 1941 he joined his father in the family business, which lasted through the early 1960's.  

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Chicago, 1957

After a successful career in the insurance business, James B. Surpless (4th generation) joined forces with Surpless, Dunn & Co.  His leadership and forward thinking, quickly moved SDC into a new era.  During his time at the helm, the company continued its growth as a manufacturers representative and as a stocking warehouse of key partners.     

Chicago, 1998

Our current leader, and 5th generation family owner, James B. Surpless, Jr., took over the reins in the winter of 1998.  Having a computer programming background with Arthur Anderson, Jim brought Surpless, Dunn into the digital age. 

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Wood Dale, 2016

In the summer of 2016 the Surpless, Dunn & Co. team completed the next step in our consistent evolution.  We sold the 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Chicago and relocated to a larger 43,000 sq. ft. facility in Wood Dale, IL.  The new office and warehouse is minutes from O'Hare airport and Downtown.  This central location has allowed us to take the next step forward in providing a great environment for our people, attract new talent and begin executing the strategy that will grow our partners for the next hundred years.

655 Wheat Lane, Wood Dale IL 60191

655 Wheat Lane, Wood Dale IL 60191

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