The Surpless, Dunn & company's value advantage is our complete end to end solution

as a Manufacturer's Representative firm, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a complete solution. from market insight, to strategy, to execution and measurement of results.  we will deliver the strategy and growth you require.

Sales Representation


Our team of industry professionals will call on and support all major functional areas of distribution: product management, category leaders, marketing, operations and field sales.  We will help you implement targeted programs for channel specific markets, ensuring you have a complete solution for successful growth.

Field Sales

Regional Managers, as well as our leadership team, make sales calls on all National MRO branches and industrial supply companies in our geography.  Our commitment to accounts at the district and branch level supports the well-rounded relationships for our manufacturers at the corporate headquarters.  Additional field activities include:

  • Distribution training sessions with counter, inside and outside sales teams. 
  • Increased brand penetration at Sales Events, Counter Days, and end-user onsite shows.
  • End-user support calls – Product demo and trial programs.
  • Show support at regional and national shows. 

Inside Sales & Communication

Connecting with the full spectrum of customers is critical to a campaign's success.  If your sales team is only focusing their energy on the large "A" accounts, you are missing the boat.  The Inside Sales Team at Surpless, Dunn & Co. allows us to focus on the full spectrum of growth targets.  The professional team of sales people will ensure the right message is delivered to every target account.  No mater how small or how far off the beaten path, we will help grow your brand.

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Our dedicated team has been helping businesses grow through focused and targeted execution of campaigns for years.  We can help you target the correct audience, build the messaging and tools required to increase awareness and launch a campaign.  Ask us how we can help you with: market research, market analysis, customer gap analysis, product set up, training, literature, catalogs and street circulars.


We specialize in the development of eCommerce strategy and flawless EXECUTION. We are more than just a sales partner; we are your Brand Ambassadors. Our team is aligned to strategically and tactfully apply our expertise in eCommerce to not only grow your sales, but also strengthen your brand.  We understand it takes more than a great product and organic traffic to move the needle; it takes focused effort, the right content, targeted marketing, and most importantly great analytics and actionable data.

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Customer Service

Our team of 30+ professional people can handle your inbound and outbound calls.  We are passionately committed to partner with clients in order to meet their strategic goals for success. Upon a thorough understanding of our client's needs and desires, we develop and implement a process.  Our focus is to assist companies with developed marketing plans, promotions, or special correspondence. We listen to their voice, document their responses, and provide our client with reports about it. The team is able to communicate regularly with our clients customers, in a relational way, confirming the saying “People like to do business with people they like”. We are an authentic business, dedicated and committed to understanding our clients, and most of all, performing to exceed all expectations.

Data analytics and Reporting

At Surpless, Dunn & Co. we can take the complex and make it simple.  Well, maybe not simple but, we will take complex amounts of POS (Point of Sale) data and other sales history and activity data and boil it down, to identify key trends and leading indicators.  We work closely with our manufacturers and distribution partners to ensure we are focused on and reviewing the metrics for success.  When we are aligned on what success looks like and are measuring to it, the sky is the limit.

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WArehouse stock

Surpless, Dunn & Co. has been warehousing and distributing products for key partners for decades.  Our large and bright 43,000 sq. ft. facility offers complete pick, pack and shipping solutions for large or small manufacturers.  We custom make shipping labels and packing slips to meet our customers requirements. Our warehouse team has an average tenure of 11 years!  Yes, we are proud of that.  We take care of our people and they take care of us!